The Interior is thoroughly and carefully blown with compressed air then all carpets, mats and seats vacuumed.

Door panels, dash, vents, Control center, console and cup cleaned by detail brushes, steam and automotive safe water based disinfectant cleaner. Windows cleaned inside and out. (Microfiber interior cleaning mitt used on all textured surfaces too safely and professionally remove dirt, body oils and grime.)

Leather/Suede seating is cleaned with surface specific tools high and quality products.

All carpet, floor mats, and fabric seating cleaned by power brush and steam for a High quality clean.

This process is used prevent the interior from being overly exposed to water which can be damaging to interiors if not dried properly.

Interior protection:

Premium Water based UV protectant applied the door panels and dash to leave a nice clean natural shine or mat finish.


Top quality Leather conditioner and protected coating applied to leather seating and leather/vinyl covered panels.

Includes basic exterior wash (Hand wash, Door jambs wiped out, Wheel Well degreased and sprayed out, wheels cleaned and tires dressed.)

(Vehicles with heavy soil, pet hair, kid messes, heavy salt deposits, stains etc. will have an upcharge or can be upgraded to our Rejuvenating Deep clean package.)

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