What We Provide

Restoration and cleaning is a dirty business, but we make it look good.  We are always striving to be the very best at we do, and the best part? 
We come to you.
  • Paint Protection – Once a year sealant (Gloss Boss 365).

  • Ceramic 9H hardness Coatings (IGL Eco Coat Quartz and Cerama kote)

  • Hydrophobic surface protectants for all exterior surfaces (IGL Eco Coatings and wax ,Sonax Premium Brand)

  • Glass treatment (IGL Glass coating,Sonax Premium Brand)

  • Paint Correction- 3 Step Buff, polish, and Wax

  • Wet sanding for scratch removal

  • Orange peel and swirl mark removal

  • Plastic molding reconditioning

  • Chrome and trim polishing

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