Professional mobile detailing services for boats, and other watercraft's

Boat Interior & Exterior Detailing in oakland county, MI

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OMG Auto Spa Complete Boat Detail

Interior/exterior packages $650.00 to $1000.00 depends on condition of interior and exterior

Boat detailing Wake/ski Boats/Open Bow up to 23ft Complete Boat detail

Meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of ALL surfaces. Includes rub-out and wax of the boat, Steam detailing of all cushions, and steam cleaning of all carpets, glass, instrument panel and compartments. *Please note: larger boats, heavily oxidized boats or boats with heavy Soiling, Mold, Mildew or pet hair will be additional.

Interior Detailing

Interior only starting at $400.00. Includes Steam clean detailing of all cushions, floors, carpets, glass, compartments and cup holders.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior starting at $600.00

Pontoon Boat Detailing

Starting at $1,000

Interior only- starting at $425.00

Exterior only starting at $600.00

Professional Marine Grade Ceramic Coatings protection - starting at $1,000

Includes rub-out: Polish/Compound to Correct the exterior Gel Coat surfaces as necessary to remove light oxidation and scuffs application of wax/paint sealant hybrid for durability and enhanced gloss. Polishing of metal or chrome rub rails, and trailer.