Suntek is the is the preferred brand for ppf for the Tesla Motor Club of America.

Tesla Vehicle Services In Oakland County, MI

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Ceramic Coat Your Electric Vehicle To Help It Retain Its Value

Teslas have sky-rocketed in popularity over recent years, and anyone who frequents the streets of Oakland County, Michigan and the surrounding areas can certainly agree. At nearly every turn, the chance of you seeing a Tesla Model X, Model S, or any other Tesla automobile is great and only becoming even more frequent.

Now that these profound electric vehicles have cemented their mark in the auto industry, opening the door to future vehicle innovations, the question remains: What does protecting the long-term integrity and value of them look like? Coating the exterior painted surfaces with a hard, glossy, hydrophobic ceramic coating is a great place to begin!

At OMG Auto Spa, we have established an exclusive team of ceramic coating specialists that work solely with Tesla automobiles. Over the course of our years in business, we have established ceramic coating installation methodologies that are proven safe for the unique paintwork on all Tesla models. Having a ceramic coating installed on your Tesla will not only keep it protected, it helps increase and retain top value for many years.

Ceramic Coatings

Suntek PPF/Clear Bra Installation Services For Tesla Automobiles In Oakland County, MI

Protect Your Tesla To Protect It From Defects and Hazards

With how many Teslas you see driving in all areas of the country, especially here in Oakland County, Michigan, it is no wonder why many Tesla owners avidly seek out protective efforts for their specific models. But what is the best choice in protecting all the delicate exterior surfaces of a Tesla while trying to preserve its long-term value?

When hazards and defect-causing disasters can be found at every turn, even right in your garage or parking spot, the best way to protect your paint is by implementing a self-healing shield to it. Lucky for all Tesla owners of the Metro Detroit area, we at OMG Auto Spa have some of the best paint protection film packages around!

Supplied by Suntek, our paint protection film packages - also known to many in the auto industry as clear bras - are glossy, clear urethane wraps that adhere safely and securely to your Tesla’s painted exterior surfaces. We have a licensed, insured, and certified PPF installation team here at our Waterford, MI detailing shop that work exclusively with clear bra installations on Tesla automobiles, so you know that the job will be done right, always.

Tesla Vehicle Detailing Services In Oakland County, MI

How To Keep Your Tesla Clean Throughout All Michigan Seasons

All of the Teslas you see cruising the city and suburban streets of Oakland County, Michigan look quite sleek, but that certainly does not mean that they do not get dirty during the winter, dusty during the summer, or lose their new car smell over time. But being the fact that no matter how pristine a Tesla looks on day one, their sole purpose is to get you from point A to point B, how can you keep them fresh more consistently?

A Tesla needs to be cleaned, much like any car, but just any old public car wash, at-home technique, or vacuuming process will not do. Instead, enlist the professional vehicle detailing crew here at OMG Auto Spa with the task of proper Tesla maintenance! With combination interior and exterior vehicle detailing packages and preventative formulas that will help your ride stay clean longer, there really is no comparison found elsewhere.

The safety of a professional vehicle detailing job is something to marvel at, and exceptionally useful in the way of Tesla automobiles. Public car washes can really cause damage to your exterior paintwork and glass surfaces, in that contaminants left behind by previous vehicles on soft touch equipment ultimately get rubbed against your surface. Likewise, store bought interior cleaners and air fresheners can degrade your vehicle’s value as they contain harsh chemicals that negatively impact delicate surfaces and even your health. Instead, trust OMG Auto Spa with your Tesla’s detailing needs!